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Mark_fox 08-25-02 11:45 AM

31.00 Drivers - AA bug?
I was hoping someone can confirm this for me. I have experienced a Anti-Aliasing bug in GTA3 with 31.00 drivers and wondered if this is just on my system or would that be repeated on a different system somewhere.

My system specs are as follows:

Asus A7A266 mobo/AMD T-Bird 1.4GHz
MSI Geforce4 TI 4600
Windows XP

Now here is some info about the bug - I only so far experienced this in GTA3 and only with drivers after 30.82 - official drivers work fine but 31.00 don't.

Here's a weird fact - @ 4x AA and 4xS AA mode - the game works fine BUT when I turn on 2x AA or Quincunx AA mode - the game experiences a major slow-down and it really appears to be running @ 0.0001 fps (lol, I mean it). Its something I have never come across and I'm worried this bug could be carried forward to all 31.xx drivers from 31.00 forward.

I would like to ask that if anyone that tries 31.00 drivers and has GTA3 installed please try to replicate this bug on your system and let me know if its there or not. In a way I hope everyone has it, then I know I'm not the only 1 and maybe nvidia will fix it sooner rather then later. Thanks.

Uttar 08-26-02 02:38 AM

If i can permit myself to speculate...

Here's a quote from nVidia developer website:


A driver that enables NV30 emulation will be released shortly.
What if that was NV30 AA method, and that by error, in 31.00, it was done in software since there's no capability on NV25s to do that in hardware?

If that's the case... Screenshots maybe? Might be interesting to see actual AA performance, just in case i'm right ( hey, i could be wrong, i'm just speculating )


SavagePaladin 08-26-02 03:41 AM

What if 31.00 was only meant to be used on an nForce board and therefore you shouldn't even be bothering?

Uttar 08-26-02 04:00 AM

I sincerly doubt nVidia would break the UDA.


Mark_fox 08-26-02 09:19 AM

that nv30 emulation driver is yet to be released and it won't be 3x.xx

Uttar 08-26-02 11:53 AM

What? Are you expecting it to be 4x.xx? Strange idea...

Because then, the GF3 would be 3x.xx - and it isn't. Just face it, nVidia driver naming conventions are not to be undestood by mortals :)


Mark_fox 08-26-02 01:32 PM

hehe, doesn't have to be 4x.xx - it could even be 1.02 or something - its an emulation driver so it doesn't have to fall into any previous category - well, that's what I think anyway...

SavagePaladin 08-26-02 02:48 PM


Originally posted by Uttar
Because then, the GF3 would be 3x.xx - and it isn't. Just face it, nVidia driver naming conventions are not to be undestood by mortals :)

guess I'm not mortal.

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