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Thermodynamic 05-05-03 05:33 PM

XSCD - how to remove configuration?
Hi again! I installed XSCD over the weekend to play CDs.

Shortly after that, I found that XMMS could work with CDs if a plugin was downloaded.

If I double-click on the CD Drive's icon, XSCD comes up.

Unfortunately, every time I put in a CD, XSCD hijacks the thing - and I don't know how to remove the config file so that discs don't get played by default. I really want XMMS to be the player. (On the plus side, I did download and install all the required RPMs.)

I've tried any number of things, but as a newbie, I'm clutching at straws. Any help would be appreciated.


Kiamu 05-06-03 06:19 AM

which windowmanager are you using?

KDE? GNOME? or anything else?

which distro? as you mentioned rpm i assume u use RH?

Thermodynamic 05-06-03 05:28 PM

I am using KDE 3.1.

My distro is SuSE Linux 8.2.


Kiamu 05-07-03 02:07 AM

i am not 100% sure, but:

have a look in ~/.kde. there is your personel konfiguration for kde. have a closer look into share/mimelnk and share/services. there you should find the corresponding config files which make kde play the cd's with xscd.

another possiblity: right click on the cd-drive icon and choose 'edit file type' and have a look in general as well as in embedding. (and check the properties while right clicking the items. there could be some stuff too)

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