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vicky.irobot 05-15-08 12:21 PM

framebuffer in Linux

Is Framebuffer being used by X-Server for display or framebuffer is something that is only used for embedded targets?

If not using framebuffer then how does the graphics driver communicates with the kernel? Does it use any other subsystem?

I did a cat /proc/devices and I find fb is to be registered. In lsmod I see fbcon, video.

Can any one explain the connection between the graphics and the fb subsystem. Currently I have not enabled the nvidia proprietary graphics card on my system and so I am guessing that it is using a generic driver. The reason for not enabling is that my graphics display gets screwed after I enabled it. I found the same problem on my brother's xps1530.

FYI I am using Ubuntu 8.04.

methimpikehoses 05-15-08 12:27 PM

Re: framebuffer in Linux
oh hai!

nemecb 05-15-08 04:00 PM

Re: framebuffer in Linux
Wow, totally the wrong forum for this post.:)

I'm no expert on the framebuffer, but I don't believe that X generally uses it to communicate with the kernel. X video drivers are kernel modules just like the framebuffer module so they probably communicate in much the same way. There is a framebuffer driver for X, so I think you can use it if you want. Generally fb is used for high res console output (not sure you ever see this in Ubuntu, but it's what enables that pretty splash screen while booting too).

In any case, assuming your question is in relation to getting the NVidia drivers working, it's unlikely that the framebuffer is your problem. It would probably help if you could say exactly what is happening when you try to use them. It would also help if a mod could move this to the NVidia Linux forum.;)

SLippe 05-15-08 06:41 PM

Re: framebuffer in Linux
kevpla? :eek2:

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