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Dazz 05-16-08 05:56 PM

QX9650 overclocking?
Just wondering what sort of clock speeds you guys got I have seen quite a few people here with this CPU. Just got won one from eBay for 350 OEM which retails at around 650 and the 350 is the same for a Q9550 so I pounced on that. Main reason being I have a ASUS P5N-D (750i) board and overclocking the FSB/Voltages increases the heat immensely and the unlocked multiplier will help in this department. I have a Swiftech Compact 220 watercooling. So just wanting to get an idea. Do you think it's to much to ask to get it to 4GHz (12x333)?

I am not too sure if 05B at the end is the stepping, but ant all 45nm chips either C0 and now C1 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...MEWN:IT&ih=005

Gorion 05-16-08 09:05 PM

Re: QX9650 overclocking?
4 Ghz is easy with mine on air but it can get warm. I'm using a Tuniq 120 cooler. I run it at 3.6 for every day use because quite frankly it is chewing through everything I throw at it at this speed. If I had water cooling I would probably leave it at 4 Ghz but for now I just don't see a need to push it that hard.

-=DVS=- 05-16-08 09:27 PM

Re: QX9650 overclocking?
4ghz 24/7 , on water.

jAkUp 05-17-08 12:51 AM

Re: QX9650 overclocking?
4.7GHz here ;)

Uberpwnage 05-17-08 02:07 AM

Re: QX9650 overclocking?
12 x 333 was really easy on my board, didn't require much voltage adjustment. 10 x 400 was a bit more difficult but that's what I run 24/7

FlashFreeze 05-17-08 03:42 AM

Re: QX9650 overclocking?
It's rumored that they have a C1 planned for QX9650 afaik it is not available yet. August 8th is the ETA on some etailers websites.

The sSpec Number for QX9650 C0 is SLAN3, the C1 will have SLAWN.

Muppet 05-17-08 04:10 AM

Re: QX9650 overclocking?
4.0 24/7 use here. I can bench @4.5 on Watercooling. If I had Phase like jAkUp it would be higher.

Bman212121 05-17-08 10:16 AM

Re: QX9650 overclocking?

Originally Posted by Muppet
4.0 24/7 use here. I can bench @4.5 on Watercooling. If I had Phase like jAkUp it would be higher.

SLACR!! :p

Dazz 05-17-08 01:40 PM

Re: QX9650 overclocking?
Thats very promising news 1.4v is decent for 4GHz will be glad. Just got my 2x Spinpoint F1 750GB drives. Will be selling my raptors shortly as 300GB just wasn't enough any more.

Should be a very nice upgrade from my current budget E4300 @ 3.2GHz to a QX9650, extra 800MHz core clock an extra 2 cores and 6x more cache :)

Uberpwnage 05-17-08 01:47 PM

Re: QX9650 overclocking?
Just try not to go over 1.4v unless your temps are really low to start, 45nm processors are much more sensitive to voltage.

Dazz 05-18-08 01:34 PM

Re: QX9650 overclocking?
I think i will start from 1.35v and see where that gets me. Thanks guys. Once i get my 8800GTX back i can finly play Supreme Commander without stalling yay.

Dazz 05-21-08 06:36 AM

Re: QX9650 overclocking?
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Got my CPU today what do you guys use to stress the CPU for max temp? Ignore my score my current X800XL is way too slow should be getting my replacement 8800GTX any day now :)


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