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morbit 05-17-08 06:23 AM

Best FreeBSD driver for FX5500 / 89Mhz AGP

Usually best performing driver is the one released when used gfx card series was "on the top". Speaking of my second PC, I'm getting best performance of 7900 card with 9X driver etc /I compared 1xx drivers and 9x by 3DMarks/

When new gfx card series is introduced, most attention of driver developers is going to it, which is well understood.

I'm interested in best performing driver for FX5500 card (FX series).

Assuming that
http://www.nvidia.com/object/freebsd_1.0-6113.html driver is focused on new 6xxx series cards, is the http://www.nvidia.com/object/freebsd_1.0-4365.html best driver for FX (FX5500)?

I would also like to know about your experiences with overclocked AGP (89MHz) and FX (FX5500) series. This is a must in my system and in the past this could be delivered only by nvidia (GF2), not ATI.. I know that GF3 series (major problems) and GF4 (mixed luck) don't like this setting. I also heard one succes story with FX5700, so I'm hoping FXs are 89MHz capable..

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