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RudyZijlstra 05-06-03 10:24 AM

Kernel 2.5.69

I've downloaded 4363 and am trying to get it working under kernel 2.5.69. Apparently the interface code can not yet handle the 2.5 series kernel interface. It is looking for modversions.h, which as far as i know is no longer used under the 2.5 series. Any suggestion on how to get the driver functioning?



bwkaz 05-06-03 11:45 AM


No, kernel 2.5 is not currently supported. Since it is a development kernel, it is changing too quickly for the nVidia developers to keep up with it. They will (I am assuming, anyway...) release a 2.6-compatible driver when 2.6 is out. In the meantime, see the above link.

RudyZijlstra 05-06-03 06:20 PM


I'll try the diff from the link and report. Considring current rumours that 2.6 is expected in about 2 months, i thought that support would be forthcoming. This is on a dual athlon Suse 8.1.



bwkaz 05-06-03 07:16 PM

I'd think so too, except for what happened with RH 9. The 4191 drivers (newest ones at the time) needed some of the same patches (the rmap one, specifically) before they would work, plus users needed to disable TLS using some glibc environment variable.

The "users" that I'm referring to are the users of the early RH 9 betas, BTW.

Anyway, nVidia did fix the issues the driver had with TLS. They released 4349 on the same day that RH released RH9 to its subscribers (Mar. 31). They then fixed a couple of bugs and released 4363 on Apr. 28.

So based on this, I'd expect that very soon after 2.6 goes final, there'll be another driver released. No guarantees, of course, just my gut feeling. :)

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