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koljat 05-06-03 11:08 AM

Problems updateing my Drivers
VideoCard: Nvidia TNT 2 64mb
OS:RH 8.0

Trouble is that I'm kinda n00b at linux so Im asking u for help the thing is that i downloaded NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4363.run and started it with the console and got an anserw like this "Unable to find the system utility `Id` please make sure you have the package "binutils" installed. If you have binutils installed, then please check that "Id" is in your PATH"

I can't find Binutils package can somebody please help me...

bwkaz 05-06-03 11:41 AM

You have the binutils package on your RedHat CDs somewhere. I don't know for sure which CD it's on, but it is on one of them.

You can just restart the RH installer (boot to CD 1), select upgrade when it asks, and then go through to package selection. Add the entire development package group, let it copy the files, then remove the CD and reboot.

koljat 05-06-03 11:46 AM

hmmm I have only the first 3 cd's but i'll check them out THX

bwkaz 05-06-03 04:19 PM

If you can't find it on your CDs, it's at rpmfind.net ;)


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