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mojoman0 05-20-08 10:46 PM

6800GT vs. 6800GS CO SC
Soo...I recently rma'd my 6800GT to evga and it went rather quickly..but they sent me back a 6800 GS CO SP P/N 256-P2-N391 AX. I was kind of expecting something different. I'm not really sure how this card compares to my 6800GT but i thought the GS was lower. I haven't been apple to find any benchmarks of the exact card. If it ends up being a little less than the GT should I call them up and ask for a different card?

ragejg 05-20-08 11:23 PM

Re: 6800GT vs. 6800GS CO SC
All nv4x cards now fall into pretty much the same performance segment, save for 6800's with 700mhz ram and/or a 128 bit memory bus.

Can you unlock yours? I think the CO SC has some quick-ass memory to it to make up for the loss of a quad. I can't remember your mobo, are you using PCI-e or AGP? IIRC the PCIe GS cards can't be unlocked, so you'd be stuck with just overclocking.

I think you should consider yourself lucky that you got a 256 bit memory bus equipped vidcard back from them... Wow, and nv4x is 3 generations back.

Also what games are you gonna try to run with this card?

mojoman0 05-20-08 11:37 PM

Re: 6800GT vs. 6800GS CO SC
Yes its pci-e. I mainly play BF2, with this card it gets aroud 25-60 fps, 35-40 avg, at all High settings, 1280x1024. I've also been getting into Cod 4 which played great on my GT, but haven't tried it on this card yet. Did my GT not have a 256 memory bus? I know it only has 12 pipes instead of my GT's 16, but the clock is 490Mhz compared to my GT's 350.

ragejg 05-21-08 06:29 AM

Re: 6800GT vs. 6800GS CO SC
Well, both cards (the GS CO SC and the GT) have thirty something gigs per second bandwidth...

Due to pipeline and ROP configuration differences, however, some games might perform differently. The GS can push more vertices than the GT, but it lose in single and multi-texturing.

It appears to me that older games will perform equally, and newer games will run slower on the GS.

Whatever the case, you should expect your performance to sit in between the Vanilla 6800 and the 7800 GS and GT.

mojoman0 05-21-08 02:59 PM

Re: 6800GT vs. 6800GS CO SC
hmm so think I should hold on to it or ask for a different card back? I see most people on the forums that send in a 7 series receive an 8800gts 320...lucky them

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