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tkloppel 05-06-03 03:03 PM

Debian Woody X Error
Ok, I installed the modules and everything, and when I try to start X, I get the error

(EE) No Devices Detected

I have followed the X config steps in the readme.

Im running the k7n2g-ilsr with the onboard geforce 4

Any ideas?

shassard 05-06-03 03:25 PM

as root, do a "lsmod" and make sure that "nvidia" module is loaded.

make sure that in your /etc/X11/XFree86-4 config file that the "Device" section has the driver listed as "nvidia".

Just a quick note that running, as root,:
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
and picking the "nvidia" driver will also build you a proper config file.

tkloppel 05-07-03 12:10 AM

I didnt think about lsmod, but ill give it a shot.

As for dpkg, and the device line, iv'e done that.

With the output from lsmod, no matter what it is, im not gonna be sure what to do heh.

perhaps something with /etc/modules.conf?

shassard 05-07-03 09:41 AM

you shouldn't have to change modules.conf ..

try re-installing the NVIDIA_kernel package and see if it works.

if it doesn't work after a restart, you probably forgot to add "nvidia" to "/etc/modules" which tells debian what modules to auto-load on startup.

you can always "modprobe nvidia" if you don't want the module to autoload (as root).

tkloppel 05-07-03 10:33 AM

modprobe nvidia tells me that it cant find modules nvidia...

ill give the re-install a shot i suppose.

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