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Jubei 05-06-03 08:09 PM

Low frames per second

I play Unreal Tournament on Gentoo Linux 1.4rc4 with kernel 2.4.20

I am having a problem with the frames per second being lower than they used to be when I used versions prior to the latest release 4363. Because I use kernel 2.4.20 I am having problems downgrading to different versions.

I've tried using agpgart and the nvagp driver both present the problem.

My graphics card is a GeForce 4 ti4200 128MB

CPU: AMD Athlon 2100+
Mobo: Abit Via 333MHz
a gig of 333MHz ddr

drum 05-07-03 01:58 AM

Longshot idea!?
Had .5 of usual glxgears fps.
Tried everything I could think of without success.
Same kernel you have, no problems up/downgrading drivers here.
Finally went to bios and told it to write ESCD on exit.
And why not. Success. glxgears fps back to normal!
Did not add/remove devices or play with bios setting
before success. However played a lot with kernel
configuration parameters for recompiles
(tweaking aiming for perfection + some new framebuffer stuff).
Maybe this modified something requiring escd
to refresh or something ?
Not even sure what escd is.
Maybe it's the cmos ram or some other addon voodoo.
Anyway joy here and wish you same easy fix.

Jubei 05-07-03 11:14 AM

ESCD is the NVRAM which stores information about the hardware in your system...a plug and play pool if you will.

Oh, and Gentoo being as cool as Gentoo is I have tried downgrading the drivers...to no avail.

I can now only assume its something with this kernel version so might try downgrading to 2.4.18 or 19. Any suggestions as to which?

I got this problem first when I installed RH 9 - a 2.4.20 kernel distro. I now have it on Gentoo no matter what kernel driver I use, so I can only conclude that its 2.4.20.

So, does anyone know how to overcome this problem? If not, suggest a kernel please.



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