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sengork 05-07-03 02:57 AM

RedHat 9 and hardware acceleration
How do I enable 2D desktop acceleration under RedHat 9? And is there any way to enable the 3D acceleration checkbox in display properties?

I have a Geforce 2MX and the latest nVIDIA drivers installed. (Xfree config file edited)

So do the drivers enable all these features or only openGL acceleration?

Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) has something to do with this I think.

*waiting for a reply*

bwkaz 05-07-03 07:35 AM

DRI cannot work with the nVidia drivers. You do not need DRI to get any acceleration.

For the second question, see the README, right at the end of the FAQ section:


Q: I've installed the driver, but my Enable 3D Acceleration checkbox is still
greyed out! What did I do wrong?

A: Most distribution-provided configuration applets aren't aware of the NVIDIA
accelerated driver, and consequently won't update themselves when you install
the driver. Your driver, if it has been installed properly, should function
For the first question, what makes you think you don't have 2D acceleration? There is a RenderAccel option that might speed certain things up a bit, but it's experimental, and doesn't always result in a working X, so I wouldn't try it unless you have a good reason to. What's that reason?

sengork 05-07-03 09:25 AM

Need 2D acceleration to make the desktop environment more responsive and smoother.

Andy Mecham 05-07-03 03:02 PM

You get "2D acceleration" out of the box.


bwkaz 05-07-03 04:56 PM


Originally posted by sengork
Need 2D acceleration to make the desktop environment more responsive and smoother.
So you don't think it is? I'll ask it again, what makes you think you don't have it already?

sengork 05-08-03 04:13 AM

It still seems a lot less responsive than windows xp with themes enabled.

so there IS 2D acceleration out of the box. Does that depend on the desktop environment in any way?

bwkaz 05-08-03 07:16 AM

Shouldn't matter.

If you aren't booting directly to X, then the RenderAccel option might help a little. Add it to the Device section of XF86Config, save the file, startx, and see if it's stable. If not, quit back to a real console (or reboot -- this is why it won't be a good idea to automatically load X on boot; if RenderAccel causes X to lock up, you'll be screwed), and revert the change.

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