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Mythrill 05-07-03 08:22 AM

Gcc 3.2.1 and NVidia driver's problem!
Hello guys!

I have serious problems with gcc 3.2.1!

Here is the problem.

I got the New Nvidia drivers, Nvidia-4363. Things were running smoothly... until I've decided to upgrade from gcc-2.95 to gcc-3.2.3
Oh, I regret it SO much... I decided to re-compile the kernel with gcc-3.2.1... it compiled OK. But Nvidia's drivers... well... the drivers got COMPLETELY unstalble... it compiled, but it crashed even more than Win95.
The problem is that it shows NO message error... it just freezes. I had that problem with gcc-2.95 and from Nvidia-41xx to NVidia 4363 too. I've changed my compiler to gcc-3.2.1 But it didn't help. Problems also include some wrong colors being displayed. And Nvidia drivers crash whenever I attempt to move a window. My linux distro is Slackware 8.1 and my kernel is 2.4.20. Please, help me. I'm getting desperate.

Mythrill 05-07-03 08:37 AM

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Ok, I forgot to post some details. Here it goes.

Processor: Athlon XP 1800+


bash-2.05a$ cat /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0
Model: GeForce2 MX/MX 400
IRQ: 10
Video BIOS: ??.??.??.??
Card Type: AGP

Video Bios: American MegaTrends Rev. 2.60


VIA 8VTAA =. C82688

Kernel => 2.4.20, no patches.

Dristro => Slackware 8.1

Here we've also got X86Config file... it uses

Mythrill 05-07-03 08:39 AM


Mythrill 05-07-03 08:47 AM

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Here's a log file.

Mythrill 05-07-03 09:15 AM

Oh, I've compiled gcc-3.2.1 myself, with the following options...

Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.2.1/specs Configured with: /root/Atualizações/Software/Fontes/gcc-3.2.1/./configure --prefix=/usr --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld --enable-threads=posix --disable-win32-registry --enable-checking --disable-nls

bwkaz 05-07-03 09:19 AM

You built gcc in the same directory as the source is in?

That's not a well-tested way of building it -- you have to create another directory, then do (from inside that directory) ../gcc-3.2.1/configure <options>, not ./configure <options> from the gcc directory.

Take a look at the LFS book (linked from www.linuxfromscratch.org), to see how they do it. Building it that way hasn't failed me yet...

Mythrill 05-07-03 09:20 AM

I've created a directory inside gcc-3.2.1 directory, called
"gccbuild" and then compiled gcc-3.2.1 in it

Mythrill 05-07-03 11:05 AM

By the way... I'm testing NVIDIA-2802... it seems to work... NVIDIA-29xx works too, but it's unstalbe.

bwkaz 05-07-03 05:02 PM

That's not a supported setup either (creating a build directory inside the source directory, that is). The only widely-tested way of doing it is to create a directory at the same level as the gcc-3.2.1 directory (I call it gccbuild too, but that's personal preference), like the LFS people build it. So that if you cd .. from the gcc-3.2.1 directory and do an ls, you see both gcc-3.2.1 and gccbuild.

Mythrill 05-08-03 08:22 AM

I've compiled gcc as you told me to, but the driver still insists on not working at all...

bwkaz 05-08-03 11:33 AM

I suppose you've recompiled the kernel and nVidia driver with this newest compiler, right?

If so, I'm not really sure what it could be... :(

Mythrill 05-08-03 10:32 PM


Originally posted by bwkaz
I suppose you've recompiled the kernel and nVidia driver with this newest compiler, right?

If so, I'm not really sure what it could be... :(

Thank you for helping me. I've discovered the problem. I'm really sorry... :( the problem was an accidental kernel misconfiguration... I'll post the problem here for anyone that has stability problems:

The problem is that on the kernel source, right below 'enable AGP support', there are some drivers for other cards. Not disabling them will cause conflits and also your card is going to be *really* unstable.

Solution: Disable the modules of other card on the "Character Devices section".

Thanks for helping!

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