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dmr 05-07-03 01:54 PM

Linux and plasma screens
I got a new plasma screen, it's an NEC 50MP2. I have a matrox G450 Card right now that I'm trying to get to work with the plasma. I can get it to work with limited success. I have to "stretch" the screen in order to get the plasma to display full screen. This isn't good enough for me.. I want to be able have the exact display of 852x480, which would actually be 848x480, on the plasma.

I've tried modeline generators and the like.. including the powerdesk software which all result in the same thing.. gotta stretch.

Will an nvidia card do the trick for me? You know how graphics looked when they're stretched......


volt 05-07-03 02:28 PM

Since this isn't Matrox support forum, you will be better of asking here:


AFAIK you won't have problems with linux drivers and NVIDIA VGA board :)

dmr 05-07-03 02:39 PM

I didn't intend on it being a matrox support forum. I just wanted to CLARIFY what I was doing with the exact steps that I took.

Which nvidia card do you suggest I buy? I really need this to happen, and I have about 2 days to get developed software to work with the plasma display. IF you're sure that I won't have any problems having this display correctly.. I'll buy one this hour!


volt 05-07-03 02:46 PM

It looked like you were seeking help, that's why I pointed you to the other forum

No I'm not 100% positive it will work as expected. No one can be 100% certain it will work because there are too many factors to it. Depending on your budget I'm suggesting a Ti4200 or FX 5600.

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