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SameTimeGuy 05-07-03 05:15 PM

SMP & DVI Problem still occuring with 4363 Drivers
Have updated two identical systems from the 4161 drivers to the 4363 ones, and am still running into the same SMP/DVI issue where the system hard locks and has to be powered off.

Systems are:
Dell Precison 530 Workstation
Dual 1.7Ghz CPU
Quadro 700XGL GPU (64MB)

Attaching to
Dell 1702 FP (Digital), and Dell 1702 FP (Digital)

Running kernel 2.4.20-9smp (RH 9)

When booting to single CPU kernel panels work fine

Andy Mecham 05-07-03 11:34 PM

Please post an X log.


SameTimeGuy 05-08-03 09:51 AM

1 Attachment(s)
this is the log from the smp kernel that's experiencing the crash ala 4149.

I have noticed that on both the problem systems that it does not display the NVidia splash screen when starting X - it does display something, but it's literally on the screen, then off again.

Andy Mecham 05-08-03 11:56 AM

This log is with the 1.0-4349 drivers - are you sure you installed 1.0-4363 on this machine?


SameTimeGuy 05-08-03 02:27 PM

Dohhhhhhh !!!!!
Thanks for pointing that out - i kept thinking that the busted drivers were 41xx not 43xx !!!!!

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