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rogerjscott 05-08-03 06:20 AM

Geforce fx 5200
Trying to get a new card to work in linux. geforce fx 5200 in SuSE 8.1. MSI KT4V M/board, athlon 2400+.

Trying to install the GLX insists I need kernel 2.2 or greater when I am running 2.4

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


bwkaz 05-08-03 07:13 AM

Use the 4363 installer (if you aren't -- it sounds like you're still using separate kernel and GLX packages; that's no longer needed), and then (if it still fails) post the contents of /var/log/nvidia-installer.log.

As it is, with a very vague idea of the error message (or at least, what you thought the error was -- which doesn't mean that that wasn't the error, but it is a possibility), we can't really do much of anything. With the log file, we'll be able to see exactly what the error was.

rogerjscott 05-08-03 08:05 AM

further issues
Won't be able to get the additional info until much later as I am at work until 9 tonight :(

The nvidia website says to continue using rpm's with suse 8.1 as sax2 won't recognise the card if you use the installer. will try with the more up to date glx and kernel tonight when I get home. see if it recognises the kernel.

cest la vie


bwkaz 05-08-03 11:34 AM

If not, copy and paste the exact error from the terminal. Or, do rpm -ivh filename.rpm >log.txt 2>&1 and post log.txt.

rogerjscott 05-09-03 05:41 AM

sorted after 3 hours sweating and cursing over the computer after work last night. mixed and matched the instructions from about 3 different sources on how to compile the drivers, finally got it working just past midnight last night.

any chance of including support for suse 8.1 in the next .run file??

by that time it's possible that SuSE will have released 8.2 via ftp though (tight git that I am)

thanks for your help


rogerjscott 05-09-03 12:57 PM

3D arghghg
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now can't get any openGL apps to work - specifically Tux Racer for my son. everytime I try to change it in SaX2 it says it is saving, but when I try to open anything it still says that 3D support is not enabled. Will append files asap

rogerjscott 05-09-03 01:30 PM

var log file
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try this too

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