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Stephane Eybert 05-08-03 07:42 AM

16/9 screen on Dell Inspirion 8500
Hi Andy,

I have a laptop Dell Inspirion 8500.

The box has a 16/9 screen format.

When booting Windows XP the screen resolution being used is 1280/800.

When booting the Linux Mandrake 9.1 only part of the screen was used, leaving dark areas on the left and right sides, and even smaller ones on the top and bottom sides.

So I installed the nvidia driver for Linux on my laptop.

Now the whole screen is being used. It's a start. But there is still a little problem.

Because of the screen format, that is, 16/9, the display is elongated horizontally.

I cannot have the resolution 1280/800 when trying to choose one in the Mandrake configuration.

It looks like the driver does not offer such a screen resolution.

Can you help me? :-)

Kind regards

Stephane Eybert 05-09-03 09:54 AM

Hi Andy I will try your sugestions you gave regarding the same problem
before annoying you again with it...


Syfax 08-14-03 06:20 PM

You have to use this modline in your XFconfig


Modeline "1280x800" 82.99 1280 1312 1608 1640 800 802 812 814
+Hsync +Vsync

I have the same Laptop and it works great.

jarekr 08-20-03 01:57 PM

What Hsync, Vsync do you have to specify when using laptop or LCD monitor? I have some problems with sync after i exit X to full console...

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