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1337_Like_ThaT 06-04-08 12:29 PM

Any ideas on the cost of HDTV Repairs ??
So my 2.5 year old Samsung 42" Plasma has decided to crap out on me and I am debating whether to pay the few hundreds it may possibly cost to get it repaired, if it is repairable or just get another 42" vizio or similiar model for $1k. Basically the problem is the screen flickers from no screen to various white/red pixels all acros the screen back and forth. Audio can still be heard in the backgroung but every input does the same problem.

So anyone have experience with HDTV repairs or have gotten any done for themsevles? Manufacturer warranty expired btw so I at a lost either way :(

Lyme 06-04-08 08:01 PM

Re: Any ideas on the cost of HDTV Repairs ??
Likely the tuner circuit went boom. With plasmas if the color goes, trash it.

Marvel_us 06-04-08 09:10 PM

Re: Any ideas on the cost of HDTV Repairs ??
Well the most common problem with plasmas is the power supply blowing out. Happened to the one we have downstairs in about the same time frame, 2.5/3 years. Thankfully, we extended the warranty a few month before and they fixed it in house no charge. How it all went down was one day I was playing DMC4 and I heard a loud pop come from the TV and the screen looked like the colors were inverted.

If it's just one of the psu's I'd say see how much it is to get it fixed. If it's not worth it price wise or it's not the psu then look for a new TV.

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