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eldwin 05-08-03 12:57 PM

Trouble Running Redhat 9
Trouble Running Redhat 9
Hello all,

I'm a complete newbie and I'm having problems running Redhat 9 on my ASUS A7N266-VM.

I can get Redhat to install OK, but upon reboot I get a error 28: selected item cannot fit into memory.

I've tried to boot via bootdisk, but my system hangs on Finding Module dependancies.

Everything I've read on the web indicates that this is due to the nvidia drivers.

My questions are: What drivers do i need to update? Can I update the drivers without getting into Redhat (since i can't get it to boot.)

I've read solutions about using the rescue option on the cd, but the explainations are vague. I was wondering if someone could post a walkthrough solution.


madman_lxl 05-09-03 12:41 PM

by the error that u r getting upon reboot i'd say that u'd b using GRUB as ur boot loader. use LILO it doesn't have the same bug with the nForce chipset.

eldwin 05-09-03 12:56 PM

Thanks for the reply.

Apparently, I was hanging in the "Finding Module dependancies" because i had my printer connected to the usb ports.

I was able to boot via bootdisk after disconnecting everything except for the monitor/mouse/keyboard.

I haven't installed grub .93 yet, but I've read that this version solves the boot problem from HD.

I'll post my progress after the fixes have been tried.


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