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qube 06-06-08 09:24 AM

GTX 280

Toss3 06-06-08 09:43 AM

Re: GTX 280
That's a lot of ports! :) Nice to see a digital input as well, so you get sound via hdmi. One of the guys at xtremesystems said that he was a bit disappointed in the performance of the 280 GTX. :-/ But that is to be expected when it goes up against two last-gen cards that were excellent(9800gx2).

LordJuanlo 06-06-08 10:06 AM

Re: GTX 280
I h8 those lucky b*st*rds.

BTW those cards with so many outputs are not the GTX 280, but Golden Sample 9600 GSO (764MB) and 9600 GT GS (1GB). Source if you can read Spanish.

DMA 06-06-08 10:47 AM

Re: GTX 280
I want one!

But I have to settle with a 260. :)

Toss3 06-06-08 11:45 AM

Re: GTX 280

Originally Posted by DMA (Post 1674269)
I want one!

But I have to settle with a 260. :)

Me too but I think I might go ati this time around. :) I'm pretty sure the r700 is going to be one hell of a card!

SH64 06-06-08 12:41 PM

Re: GTX 280
Lucky bastid!!

he should tell us the Crysis scores at very high! :/

Vanzagar 06-06-08 02:11 PM

Re: GTX 280
Benchmarks please, just Crysis... don't care about every other game that gets 100+fps on all the highest settings already...

K007 06-06-08 06:51 PM

Re: GTX 280
wonder what driver version he got.

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