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kahuna0k 05-08-03 05:18 PM

Stress testing 43xx drivers

I've been stress testing 3123, 4349 and 4363, for the test I setup two mprime in torture test (I'm running SMP dual Athlon 2400+) and ut2003 benchmark in loop mode (at max res and max quality). I left the test running until ut2003 crashes, X crashes, or machine gets hanged. The results were the following:

3123: Rock Solid (at least for 24 hours stress testing)

4349 & 4363: Ut2003 crashed after about three hours, I can login through the net and kill it and X, everything got corrupted but when I start X again it seems to recover quite well. Anyway sometimes the crash is replaced by a hard lock and I need to reset.

If I enable TV Twinview output (in clone mode) and repeat the same tests even 3123 crashes after some hours of stress.


- german

how 05-08-03 05:34 PM

Thats a interesting test you have setup there.
who would play games for 24hrs anyway? Yourself probably crash, hung or die along with the machine too. But crashing after 3 hrs is not a good sign for the drivers or the system. There is something not stable about it. The commercial ones like SGI can probably run for days, but then considering it costs more.

Wolfman [TWP] 05-09-03 08:25 AM

What Distro of Linux are you running??

I'm running RH9 (Latest RH Kernel 2.4.20-9) on a Dual MP2600 (Tyan Tiger MPX).


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