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ASUSEN7900GTX 06-14-08 05:15 AM

CRysis Xp 32 SP3 benchmark
Well i di a fraps on the island level the part where you blow that jamming station.

usin HPs latest config pack

Fraps crysis 1680x1050 4xaa 16xaf(i CP) control panel dvs

Time (ms) 103127

min 16

avg 18,938

max 26

now that aint all bad wonder how it will look with a HD4850/260GTX?

Soetdjuret 06-16-08 06:27 PM

Re: CRysis Xp 32 SP3 benchmark
U wont get much more with one 260 nor the 280 tbh. I have dual 88gtx's in SLI and can't get good framerates at 1600x1200 using HP's config with 4xAA. Dont remember if i ran 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 but think it was 1600x... I could get away with 2xAA but not higher. I'd probably will be getting a pair of 280's or nvidias next upcoming series this fall and then see what i can do. Look up Jakup's thread in the gt200 series section in the Graphic cards part of the forum. There he benches crysis with one, two and 3 GTX 280's on VH, dx10, 1920x1200, 2xAA, he also compares with Quad-SLI.

Pretty interesting.

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