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Spirit[Si] 05-09-03 01:46 AM

X goes black and utilizes 100% CPU
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I've got a problem in my hands that I seem to be unable to fix.

When I use the nvidia graphics driver, my X will not launch properly. When I type "startx" it starts up and my screen turns black. X utilzes 100% CPU at this time and my console is completely wasted. I have to log on using ssh and reboot from there.

My hardware is:
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ CPU
Abit NF7 Motherboard ( nForce2 based )
Gainward Geforce4 MX460 Graphics
1 GB of RAM.

My software is:
Gentoo Linux 1.4_r4, 2.4.20-gentoo-r4 kernel
nvidia driver 1.0-4363 (I've also tried 4349 with the same results)
nvidia kernel modeule loaded

My /var/log/XFree86.0.log is attached and my /etc/X11/XF86Config will come in my next post.

I got some assistance from some guy on the Gentoo user mailing list, so, from what I know the next thing in this log should be 2D support starting up, but it never does.

Any assistance you might be able to give would be really helpful.


Spirit[Si] 05-09-03 01:47 AM

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And here is my XF86Config..


Spirit[Si] 05-09-03 01:49 AM

Of course, I forgot to mention a couple of things..

agpart and dri support is not compiled into my kernel. I've also tried compiling completely without framebuffer support but that didn't make a difference either.


Martigen 05-09-03 08:19 AM

I have exactly the same problem, only on a nforce2 based Shuttle SFF PC.

Also using Gentoo 1.4 and tried various driver versions.

Andy, any ideas? I thought the drivers would be right at home on nforce2 hardware!


Martigen 05-09-03 10:22 AM

Just thought I'd post and say problem solved -- the 'IgnoreDisplayDevices' option worked perfectly.


Spirit[Si] 05-09-03 11:09 AM

Just tried that option, nu luck. Still the same problem.


Martigen 05-09-03 11:47 PM

As an update -- I actually used the 'IgnoreDisplayDevices' and another fix at the same time and through experimentation discovered I need both to get X to work on my Nforce2 system.

To the line that boots your kernel add: pci=noacpi pci=biosirq

I found this in these forums, thanks to other Nvidia Linux users.

Andy, it might be worth adding this to the FAQ.


Spirit[Si] 05-11-03 10:03 AM

Thanks Martigen, this worked for me too :) You're the man !!

Now to the next step.. lets try some games :)


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