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Kemo 06-15-08 11:42 PM

E8400 upgrade help
I sent a request to RMA my Evga 680i mobo because it is the TR version and I heard that Evga can replace it with an A1/T1. I am looking to get an E8400 for its OC popularity. I have a Tagan 580W PSU and Corsair XMS 2GB DDR800. Eventually I plan on adding another 8800GTX for SLI. I know that a new PSU is in order. My question is if i am going to OC the E8400 to about 3.6-4Ghz, is my ram good enough? Also, what PSU would be sufficient for this OC and SLI 8800GTX. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

DeusGear 06-16-08 12:02 AM

Re: E8400 upgrade help
750psu would be more then enough. Heck I can run dual 8800gtx's and the rest of my system on a 620hx. I'd suggest upgrading your ram to 4gb: it's very cheap these days and you'll suffer from having sli and only 2gb of ram. Also vista 64 or xp 64 would be a good idea.

mailman2 06-16-08 12:42 PM

Re: E8400 upgrade help
9 x 444 = 4.0ghz, most decent DDR2 800 should be able to pull off 900 Mhz.

3.6 would be possible ( 9 x 400), up to about 4Ghz should be relatively easy. All the DDR2 800 I've used would do at least 900 Mhz.

Kemo 06-16-08 03:00 PM

Re: E8400 upgrade help
thanks for your help folks. My RMA request got approved so I'll be shipping my board out tomorrow. Any PSU in particular or just any 650-750w PSU will be good?

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