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nrdstrm 06-18-08 07:14 PM

Card for Age of Conan
I was wondering what you guys think. I have an 8800 GTX and am thinking about upgrading it for AOC. Do you think I would see a decent performance increase with AOC if I bought a 280? What about a 260? Specs are in sig (except I now run Vista 64 and 4 GB of ram).

**EDIT** I forgot to mention at the moment, I am only running 1440x900...

xdaishanx 06-18-08 07:27 PM

Re: Card for Age of Conan
That's my main game also - going from two 8800gtx to 280 gtx to try it out for less heat

At your res though I'm not sure there would be much of a difference at all between the two though ?

Although HardOCP likes the card a lot just for AoC reasons


pingu2 06-19-08 02:44 AM

Re: Card for Age of Conan
went from 8800gtx to gtx280 - age of conan runs a lot better now for sure, feels about twice as quick.. happy with the conan performance :)

xdaishanx 06-19-08 12:40 PM

Re: Card for Age of Conan
My BFG 280 gtx comes in tomorrow - will note tonight what the 8800gtx sli setup seems to do in regards to low dips and framerates in general and then see what the 280gtx does

I run at 2560x1600 at 2xxAA with draw distance all the way out and high shaders and so on

Only thing I have off is shadows and bloom and get usual 55-60 fps but will be looking for hitches and stuttering tonight and see if any difference with the 280 gtx tomorrow night

xdaishanx 06-20-08 04:12 PM

Re: Card for Age of Conan
BFG OC 280gtx installed and putting on drivers now - will play for a while tonight and report back - replaced 2 8800gtx

xdaishanx 06-20-08 05:08 PM

Re: Card for Age of Conan
Well so far I am happy with the decision - going from SLI back to one card I do like -

Seems like keeps same fps as SLI 8800gtx without dropping below 40 ever which is nice - less heat for case is always good

I did enable bloom and it handled it fine but I think I honestly prefer it without it and turned it
back off - I like colors but made everything seem just too "bright" if thats the right term

KasuCode 06-20-08 05:12 PM

Re: Card for Age of Conan
My setup with my GTX280 plays conan max settings 1920x1200 with bloom and all that aswell as 4xaa giving me 40-80fps avg and in indoor areas 120+ or cave/small areas over 100fps. Very smooth gameplay. No dips or hickups.

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