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atack 05-09-03 11:33 AM

Mandrake 9.1 GF3 TI500 error with new driver
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Here are my log file and config file. If I change the driver to "nv" instead of "nvidia" everything is hunky-dory. But as soon as I change it to "nvidia" X fails and the system locks HARD!!!! no ctrl-alt-bksp or ctrl-alt-f* or ctrl-alt-del - nothing - must push reset. I have my source installed using Mandrake 9.1 and ECS mobo with KTX333 chipset. Any ideas would be appreciated....

atack 05-09-03 01:05 PM

Bears noting
I also have a gf3ti500 with KT333 chipset although sometimes known as KT400 after reading the thread from tsubasa he appears to have identical issues as me and I have tried all the things he has tried as well

tsubasa 05-09-03 01:12 PM

Yeah we can mount a new club " the unlucky of KT333+Gf3ti500 "

But if u can resolve the problem .... ;)

tsubasa 05-10-03 07:41 AM

Always no Information ?

atack 09-16-03 12:47 PM

Finally fixed.
Newest Nvivida drivers.
Mandrake 9.2 RC1
Simple. Changed BIOS setting.
Assign IRQ to PCI VGA = YES
(Although I have an AGP card) and
Plug and Play Aware OS = No
It works now.
All that's left is my Winmodem now.:afro2:

tsubasa 09-19-03 04:12 AM

Always black screen with last nvidia drivers. I always use the 31.23

:/ nvidia rulez! what ? i dont know

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