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Vanzagar 06-20-08 01:35 AM

I'm confused...
Bit confused with all these launches lately and looking at the pricing, why wound't I buy 2 4850's, and get much better performance then say the GTX260, which will be around $499 or will it be 399? and apparently even faster then the GTX280 ($649) is most cases, yet two 4850 are around $340 combined??

I feel like I'm missing something here, can someone enlighten me... I've never bought ati before so I'm a little leary of the unknown...




Redeemed 06-20-08 01:42 AM

Re: I'm confused...
You've come to the same conclusion most other folk have. ATi very well might have a solid win here consider price/performance. I'm almost certian that they're getting my money this round. ;)

MUYA 06-20-08 02:12 AM

Re: I'm confused...
Well as some reviewers and members have stated, issues with dual card configs (SLI or X-fire). They range from wide variance in FPS, low min FPS and micro stutters which arise from such systems as opposed to none of these with a single huge card....

I dunno, I never tried cross fire but, my last experience with SLI was good.....

Revs 06-20-08 02:23 AM

Re: I'm confused...

Originally Posted by MUYA (Post 1687930)
I dunno, I never tried cross fire but, my last experience with SLI was good.....


SLI runs quite alot better on overclocked rigs, too. Upping the FSB will make it work all the better. I'll be interested to see if GDDR5 memory will help with micro-stuttering, as well as the shared memory on the X2.

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