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Allen 05-09-03 05:22 PM

nForce2 digital output
Here is my hardware and software layout.

Motherboard - Asus A7N8X-DLX
Linust OS - Both debian and gentoo.
Kernel version 2.4.20

I've tried both the NVIDIA drivers (nvaudio) version 1.0-0256 and the alsa (snd-intel8x0) version 0.9.3a.

I have audio output working great via the analog output channel. What I can't seem to get working is the ability to switch to digital (SPDIF) output channel.

I use digital output for my speakers and the analog for my headphones. Under Windows when I want to switch from speakers to headphones I would use the NVIDIA audio control app. to swap the output channels (disable digital, enable analog), change the speaker type from 6 speaker to headphone and then drop the volume down to from 80% to 20%.

I would like to create a script which would be able to do all of these operations for me when I want to switch.

Any help on enabling the digital output for this nForce audio would be much appriatied.


Cigarman 05-12-03 04:22 PM

same here
I have the same problem since I use a DI/O outboard DAC and it sucks not having any sound under linux. I can't even get to nvidia's site recently....is it down? Total packet loss as of 5/12/03 and from what Andy Mecham told us, there are issues with the drivers and being able to compile them under RH9 at least. I tried the latest Nforce2 drivers from them 0256, and they dont work right with the sound. I figured trying suse 8.2 would maybe help but alas, no such luck.

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