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--Rikki-- 05-10-03 07:03 PM

MDK9.1 Interesting Error
1 Attachment(s)
Running 4363 driver

When running MDK 9.1 for some reason if i tell X to use the nvidia driver in the Device section. whenever i boot up it does not load X properly I cannot spot anything untoward in Xfree86.0.log that is why i havent attached it.

but if i set the driver to nv then boot up X and then within X change the setting from nv to nvidia then reboot the X server (Ctrl + Alt + BkSp) X will then load find and tell me AGP is enabled.

It is using AGPGART should i change the agp driver if so how do i do this??

I have attached my XF86Config-4 file is there anything i'm missing that needs to be in there at boot time??

thanx for any help.

tsubasa 05-11-03 03:08 AM

Do you have a KT 400 Mainboard or KT333 ?

--Rikki-- 05-11-03 06:54 AM

No my board is KT133

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