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s9722 05-10-03 07:40 PM

I leave X and log in as root..... my file (Geforce4 linux driver) is also stored in the root area now I type in sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4363.run

it goes then I get

Unable to to find the system 'ld`;
please make sure you have the package-binutils installed.

If you do have binutils installed,
then please check that 'ld` is in your path

Now I am using redhat 7.3 distro so do I have to download binutils or do I already have it and need to "put it in my path"

in either case I am going to need to know what to do

if I need it where can I download it and find instructions to install it

and if I already have it and dont know it tell me how to correct this problem...
please I am stuck in 640x480 and I cant use most of linuxes programs this way...
-thank you

Soul-Crusher 05-11-03 07:56 PM

If you do not already have binutils, you may download it from any Redhat Linux mirror. This link should lead you directly to the file you need. Download it, su if necessary (I'm quite sure you'll need root privileges to install this package), and type rpm -ivh binutils- to install it. Upon successful completion, attempt to run the nVidia installer again and see what happens.

s9722 05-11-03 11:54 PM

let me just say wow dude excellent job its working great now!:)

I am so happy the screen is now crips and clear thnx alot dude

linux in all its glory!:)

now to get on the sound issue lol

thnx man

Soul-Crusher 05-13-03 07:44 AM

Hehe, glad to hear it's working.

Since you're here, let's see what we can do about your audio issue. What kind of sound card do you have? If it's an Audigy 2, you might need to upgrade your kernel. The easiest way to accomplish that would probably be to upgrade your Redhat distribution to version 9, unless you want to learn how to recompile a kernel (It's really easier than it sounds).

s9722 05-16-03 12:32 PM

nah man I got the sound working like 5 mins aftre I posted that lol

I downloaded the driver and I didnt even have to instal it wierd....

TheThree 05-19-03 05:51 PM

i got the same thing....but in slackware 9.0...i grabed the same file but it just pruduces errors and dose the one for Slackware 8.1 i think thats only becuse i have 9.0 .....i'm stuck at 800x600 with a gforce 2 mx 100/200 any ideas?

Soul-Crusher 05-19-03 07:05 PM

The package I linked to earlier was specifically for Redhat 9. If you're not using Redhat, I suggest going to the binutils homepage and compiling from source. That is unless you want to go to the Slackware homepage and get the binutils package that is specifically for your distro (I couldn't find it from their package finder, unfortunately).

TheThree 05-19-03 10:40 PM

hm ok i'll look into it

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