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Llamalama 07-04-08 02:59 AM

8800GTX - 260 GTX
Do you guy's think, looking at my specs that this would give me a nice performance boost. I game at 1920x1200 and I like to use at least 4x AA with 8xAF.

Madpistol 07-04-08 07:47 AM

Re: 8800GTX - 260 GTX
You will probably see a difference in Crysis and various other newer titles. Some of the older games run flawlessly on 8800 GTX already, but on newer games, you should see a major performance jump.

Revs 07-04-08 08:05 AM

Re: 8800GTX - 260 GTX
I got a 60-80% gain going from 2 GT's to 2 260's. It'll be a nice upgrade :)

Llamalama 07-04-08 05:46 PM

Re: 8800GTX - 260 GTX
Thanks guys. I do have Crysis & I can play that on High but it has to be at 1280x1024 and not at the native res. My main game is FSX so if this card can give me a more smoother experiance in that than I'm happy

SH64 07-04-08 07:53 PM

Re: 8800GTX - 260 GTX
I dont think it will do much in FSX. that game is more CPU bound.

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