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Sobek_Isis 05-10-03 09:26 PM

How Do I Overclock My Fx 5200???
Alright, no bull****, i dont want any ati fanboys or nvidia fanboys here telling me to go out and get so and so a card cause i really dont give a ****. But I really do need help with overclocking my Fx 5200, from Pine, (or XFX). THE CORE AND MEMORY SPEEDS ARE LOCKED!!! IS THERE SOMETHING TO UNLOCK THEM WITH???? PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I just took off that bloody delta fan, and equipped a sexy celery fan, with a fat heatsink, along with ram heatsinks, and now i find it just wont go with the overclocking!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Thanx, and cya later


Soul-Crusher 05-11-03 04:58 AM

Settle down, no need for vulgarity. Try NVclock. As always, this is dangerous and can cause all sorts of funky errors, blah blah blah decreased stability blah use at your own risk blah void your warranty blah. Have fun!

slackr 05-11-03 09:12 AM

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I have used NvClock 6.2 for my GeForce FX 5200 card. You will have to modify the source and add the values for your card info to

{ pci_id, "Name of card", mem_min, mem_max, core_min, core_max, supported? (1,0)},


{ 0x322, "nVidia GeforceFX 5200", 400, 500, 250, 333, 1 },

then build the source.
I got 300 core and 418 mem easy. You really can't get the mem very far because most of the 5200 cards don't have any cooling heatsink.

Thunderbird 05-11-03 12:20 PM


I'm the author of nvclock, nv30 based boards work different related to overclocking. Nvclock 0.7 will contain nv3x support but no overclocking yet since I don't have access to a nv3x based card :(

Hmm .. didn't read the second post ..
Did changing that make nvclock work on a FX5200?? Since I need a totally different algorithm for the other nv3x boards (FX5600/5800/5900). Did it see everything correctly at startup?

Please try to email me too, I'm not allways on this forum and I need more info.

slackr 05-12-03 07:52 AM

Yes, NvClock seemed to setup the regs correctly.... or so I think. I have a evga 5200 board.
NvClock starts with the correct values for the core and mem speeds. Tests indicate that NvClock changes the core and mem. But if I run a intense 3D game and a high core clock of 300 (based on NvClocks settings) after running the game the clock seems to reset to 250 Mhz. Might be the board thottling?
If need any testing I'm willing to help.

Thunderbird 05-12-03 09:02 AM

Can you contact me by email, look for the email inside nvclock. If you are willing to help I need some more test info and will give you a test version.

Thanks in advance.

ARIZMENDI 09-19-03 03:24 PM

nvclock fx5200
I tried with the lastest nvclock, i have the same results, i start the 3d program, and the valkues reset to original...

its the same with the x6x version

regards and post again tks

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