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Harnagel 07-04-08 03:12 PM

BFG 8800GTS-512MB limits?
I recently started running Folding@Home on my GPU and decided to try oveclocking it a bit. Default was 675 core, 1675 shader and I bumped it up to 760 core, 1884 shader. Results increaed almost exaclt porportional to the OC so I was pretty happy. My question is how far can you OC these cards? My GPU is under a water block and never gets above 45C under full load.

Delbert 07-04-08 04:08 PM

Re: BFG 8800GTS-512MB limits?
air cooled i can get 800 core 2000 shaders. You should be able to get at least that... even more on water.
dont forget to post results....:D

Harnagel 07-04-08 04:55 PM

Re: BFG 8800GTS-512MB limits?
Hmm, I noticed a high pitched whine coming from the graphics card when OC'ed under load so I backed off to defaults again. I dunno, it might be nothing to worry about, but it's a pretty annoying sound...

Bman212121 07-04-08 05:53 PM

Re: BFG 8800GTS-512MB limits?
Yea, it happens on my GTX cards as well when I am folding. Turning off the monitor actually helps tone it down some, but I don't sit next to the tower when folding or it drives me nuts.

I can't remember where I read about what causes it but it wasn't anything major to be concerned about, just more of an annoyance than anything.

shabby 07-04-08 09:16 PM

Re: BFG 8800GTS-512MB limits?
Dont get too greedy just yet, play a bunch of games like crysis or assasins creed for an hour or so to test if its stable. It might be stable in 3dmark but it will crash in games. I was stable at 760 core on my card but it kept crashing in both of those games. I eventually settled on 700 to stop the crashes, and it wasnt temp related at all as max temp was 55c.

Harnagel 07-05-08 12:16 AM

Re: BFG 8800GTS-512MB limits?
Kind of embarassing on a forum like this, but I don't even play very many games...

Does Crysis have a downloadable demo? I guess I can just google that...

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