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jaehoney 05-11-03 01:42 AM

Am I going rignt way with driver installation?
My machine is compaq SP750 with P3 500 xeon and quadro2 pro.
And I have finised the Redhat 7.3 installation and NVIDIA 4363 linux driver.
I can't find any NVIDIA logo when X-windows startup, it seems the same x-windows before NVIDIA driver.

I suppose the corredt driver is not installed, but I can't confirm and I don't know how to install.
Attached file is log file located in /var/log.

Eventually I have to use the Performer from SGI, so I have to install accelerated linux driver.

Thanks in advance.

Soul-Crusher 05-11-03 05:05 AM

It would help if you also posted your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file. There are modifications that must be made, ie:
1) Remove / comment out the lines "Load GLCore" and "Load dri" in the module section.
2) Add the line "Load glx" in the module section.
3) Change the driver to "nvidia."

These steps are covered in the documentation. If you still have difficulty, you can use my XF86Config-4 file (Underneath my signature) as an example.

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