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filiga 05-11-03 09:52 AM

FX 5200 + driver 4363 + OpenGL -> Crash
I have box with fresh SuSE 8.2 installation and XFX Geforce FX 5200 card.

X works fine and smooth, but all OpenGL apps crash the machine (or may be just X, I cannot tell). The apps usually run for a few frames (and render correctly) and then X freezes. The cursor still moves but otherwise everything is dead.

How to fix??

PS. At first I had GeForce2 card and everything worked fine. Once I switched the cards OpenGL stopped working. I have also had TNT2 previously which also worked correctly. I guess this is FX5200 -related driver problem.

CPU: Athlon 600 MHz
Motherboard: ASUS K7V
Graphics: XFX Geforce FX 5200, 64 Mb

filiga 05-12-03 02:01 AM

I just tested OpenGL on Windows 2000 prof with the same setup - problems were there as well.

OpenGL apps run fine for a few seconds, then freeze for half a minute and then work fine for a few seconds again. This is basically similar to the behavior in Linux, but at least it does not crash the system. (Windows driver 43.45).

I am beginning to doubt that there is a chipset/card/driver -problem going on :-|

filiga 05-13-03 12:19 PM

Still no OpenGL...

The driver README says that the driver should default to AGP 2x since I have K7V motherboard. This did not happen, the driver was using AGP 4x by default. I then modified the kernel module according to the README, recompiled it and got the driver to use AGP 2x. Unfortunately this did not help.

Then I disabled the whole AGP. This did not help either :-| The box still locks when I run any OpenGL app. Two bad, I'd like to do some Cg-programming with the board.

Do I have defective hardware or is the 5200 just too new to function properly??

mintSlice 05-13-03 04:36 PM

I'm having similar problems on a TNT2 and a GeForce2 MX200(???) with RH9. (one's at work, one's at home, both machines are reasonable different)

Everything works fine except that I've had to disable the screen savers because some work fine, but some crash X.

I'm able to ssh the box and kill X (sometimes).

Mmmm, it's probably worth noting that the upgrade from the last driver to this one seemed to help but that the problem still exisits.

Also, I've noticed that the screen saver that looks like tetris pieces fitting into various rectangular shapes seems to crash X everytime, but that it doesn't seem to do it straight away. We at least when I come in and X has crashed, this is the screensaver showing up on the monitor.

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