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how 05-11-03 08:49 PM

athlon-xp gf2 mx problem status?
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Hi Andy and everyone.

Andy, just wondering what the status or progress of the diagnoses of the athlon-xp 1800+ and gf2 mx performance problem. Is there any other info you need? I did fresh install twice.

Just to refresh I got:

- Geforce 2 mx 400 64MB
- driver 4363 (tried previous versions too)
- RH9 ( tried RH 8 and 7 too)
- athlon-xp 1800+
- k7s5a
- 256 DDR RAM

Superkolik 05-14-03 08:37 AM

I have the same problem, 3D is very slow with Geforce 2MX and Athlon.
Driver 4363.
System configuration:
Athlon 800

glxgears give 250-300 fps only. Fast Write is enabled.
What's wrong?

how 05-14-03 09:00 AM

Hi Superkolik.

I just started this thread to follow up on the problem. Andy hasn't found the cause yet. Apparently a few others had the same problem. Look at this thread
glxgears is always 350fps. worst than TNT 400fps. I tried all previous version of the driver too.

I don't have fastwrite. it is not a that problem I guess.
I changed Mob. and video card. nothing changes.

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