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jac1d 05-11-03 09:07 PM

RH9 audio oddity? Test works but CDs no sound

I have RH9 installed with the 2.4.20-9 kernel.

My creative soundcard (PCI) auto detects properly and I hear the test sound fine during install and also if I run the autodetect again from my X desktop.

But when I drop a CD in the CD player and play it - I can't hear a thing. The only audio I seem to get is during the test.

Is this normal? The drive is a modern Lite-On 16x burner that supports audio through the IDE cable - under XP it plays CDs fine without the audio jumper.

What do I need to do to get it operational under RH9?

All help greatly appreciated.

jac1d 05-11-03 10:08 PM

MP3s play fine
I've been trying to google this problem and not having much luck.

I downloaded an MP3 and played it with mplayer and sure enough MP3s work but CD audio is still not functioning.

I know people have seen this - any ideas?

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