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KillerJello 05-12-03 12:43 PM

What linux driver do i use for Mandrake 9.1????
Im pretty new to linux. What driver do i use for mandrake linux 9.1??? and is there a guide on how to install it?

The ones i see are:
Linux IA32
Linux IA64
Linux AMD64
Free BSD
nForce Drivers

I am running a celeron 900 with a geforce 3

like i said, im new to linux, so i am not sure how to install the driver.

Thanks in advance for your help.

alien999999999 05-12-03 01:02 PM

is is dependant of which kind of hardware you have:

let me explain:
- Linux Intel Architecture 32bit CPU : most models (also 32bit AMD CPU)
- Linux Intel Architecture 64bit CPU : very pricy 64bit CPU; very doubtly that you have that in your possesion
- Linux AMD architecture 64bit CPU : less pricy 64bit CPU; also very doubtly that you have that in your possesion
- FreeBSD is a unix derived system ; very doubtly that you have such a system in your possesion
- nForce Drivers : if you have a nForce Chipset driver, you should go there, i think that these are exclusively chipsets on the mobo..

KillerJello 05-12-03 01:22 PM


How do i install it now???

alien999999999 05-12-03 04:40 PM

please download the driver and read the README file, you'll have to do it someday, believe me...

btw: when installing nvidia driver, please shut down X the right way:
press CTRL-ALT-F1
log in as root
/etc/init.d/dm stop (kills X)
then install nvidia driver and modify /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 (with vi (press INS for editing; press ESC :wq ENTER to save and exit) for example)
then bring X up again:
/etc/init.d/dm start

KillerJello 05-12-03 06:23 PM

I am completely lost...... is there a detailed step by step guide somewhere with screenshots or something? Remember, im a newbie to linux, only had it for a week so far. I usually use 2000 pro server.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me... I still dont know how to do this logging into root except when it asks me too, or how to do those commands you listed, and how to edit that file.... I have no idea

Thanks for your help.

DrOzz 05-12-03 06:34 PM

killer although i have been using GNU/Linux for a little longer than u, i was in the same shoes as you...i relied heavily on win2k pro, but i have always had an old piece of **** laying around with text based rh7.1 on it...which i screwed around with..but anyways, the point of this story is, is that in order to learn you must read read read read.....now, aliens explanation is pretty straight forward, but the use of VI is brought into his explanation....now if you never used it before it will be tough to use...althought he did tell you exactly what to press i find it hard as hell to use, and i personally like using pico, and if i recall right that isn't in mandrake..but anyways d00d, just read....the readme file is very easy to follow...if you just pay attention to it and not rely on others....you start relying on others when what you tried doesn't work....anyways i wish you luck getting it to work :P

KillerJello 05-12-03 06:37 PM

how do i find this readme? I downloaded the driver, and it is only one file..... I cant find the readme for it anywhere...

alien999999999 05-12-03 06:41 PM

ahah, it's a real newbie



PLEASE READ this 20 times before trying it out!!!!!!!!! I'm NOT JOKING!!!

logging in as root is quite simple, but you have to learn how to use a konsole...

open up a konsole

and with 'su' you can log in as root

but when you have to install the nvidia drivers a konsole won't do you any good.

you have to go to text mode (which is done by pressing CTRL-ALT-F1 (2,3,4,5,6) pressing CTRL-ALT-F7 will put you back to graphical mode..

got it?


go to text mode

try loggin in as root and familiarize yourself with 'vi', its an editor.

remember if you don't know how or what, try 'man <command>' which gives you info about the command. and you'll need it.

now when in vi, you can't just edit a file, first press INS to edit a file and when done press ESC then you can do this: ':wq' which Writes and Quits, got it?

now go to text mode, log in as root, kill the X-server ( execute command 'telinit 3' ), install the already downloaded nvidiadriver by 'sh NVIDIA......' )
and when done edit the config file ('vi /etc/X11/XF86Config-4') edit nv to vnidia and comment out dri, glcore, and add 'load "glx" ' to it. save and start graphical mode again (init 5).

now which distro you said you were using???

KillerJello 05-12-03 06:44 PM

Im using mandrake 9.1..... with the KDE desktop..... I think i understand so far what you are saying... just kinda terrified i am gonna screw something up.

alien999999999 05-12-03 06:53 PM

sorry, it wasn't the intention, but you have to read the manuals or the readme files and get the feeling of vi, before anything really, you never know that hard drive crashes and you're stuck with the emergency shell to make the hard drive better, or just anything else....

if you know vi, it is quite easy to use, just don't forget pressing INS after entering vi, because your text will be screwed up, but you can always exit without changes with ( :q! ), try vi out in a konsole first.

it's nothing when everything works, but you never know that you are a owner of a KT400 mobo and X won't start and you have to get back to graphical mode (you can always use links or lynx for browsing, but without graphical mode, it's not that easy...)

happy hunting

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