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gdphk 07-20-08 07:23 AM

New Geforce PhysX demo Videos







It seems very strongerhttp://bbs.expreview.com/images/smil...lt/victory.gifhttp://bbs.expreview.com/images/smilies/default/lol.gif

rap1d^ 07-20-08 08:56 AM

Re: New Geforce PhysX demo Videos
looking good

jAkUp 07-20-08 12:00 PM

Re: New Geforce PhysX demo Videos
The water demo was very impressive.

Bokishi 07-20-08 12:47 PM

Re: New Geforce PhysX demo Videos
That catwalk demo sure was laggy

nrdstrm 07-20-08 05:25 PM

Re: New Geforce PhysX demo Videos
That water demo was sweet. The catwalk demo I've seen before (I think it came out a few weeks ago?)

JH24 07-21-08 08:22 AM

Re: New Geforce PhysX demo Videos
Very nice, especially the water demo.


Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 1717574)
The demos are indeed very impressive, especially the catwalk demo :naughty:
The ingame stuff is still not that mind blowing, IMO Crysis and Far Cry 2 are at least on par with that!

Hopefully PhysX will be the new hardware accelerated standard used by both nVidia and ATI, we don't need multiple solutions.

I agree, it would be a nightmare for gamers as well as game developers if both Nvidia and ATI would implement their own way for physics. An accelerated standard would be great and I guess would benefit all sides involved.

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