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nrdstrm 07-21-08 02:28 AM

I Need Audio Help
Ok, here is my issue. I started noticing that my audio wasn't as good as it should be...I have...

1) DVR to TV via HDMI
2) PS3 to TV via HDMI
3) TV to Logitech Z5500's via optical cable (I know the Z5500's are not the best, but it's a small room and they sound great)

TV is decent, but not the best. MikeC has one...It's a Vizio 1080p 42". The problem is, I guess to cut costs, the tv does not pass through HD audio via the optical cable. So the Z5500's never recieve a true digital signal...

The question is, what is the cheapest way for me to get around this? New speakers, new receiver, etc? I am thinking a receiver that has 2 or 3 HDMI inputs, an HDMI output (to the TV, passing the video signal), and optical audio out. Only problem is (the last time I looked), receivers with 2 to 3 HDMI inputs + HDMI output where very pricey...Any Advice?

crainger 07-21-08 02:55 AM

Re: I Need Audio Help
Receiver. Even though they can be pricey a good one will do you for while.

Either that or get a cheap switch. I use a cheapy joytech to switch between my 360 and PS3 optical for my 5500z.

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