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bacon12 07-23-08 11:55 PM

Is this normal?
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For the clocks to fluntciuate this much in game? I am getting horrible performance in TF2 lately.

mythy 07-24-08 12:47 AM

Re: Is this normal?
no not normal at all

jAkUp 07-24-08 12:51 AM

Re: Is this normal?
What resolution and level of AA/AF? Depending on the load on the card it can fluctuate sometimes.

mythy 07-24-08 12:58 AM

Re: Is this normal?
yea by a few mhz not all the way to 0 :headexplode:

bacon12 07-24-08 01:09 AM

Re: Is this normal?
1920x1600, and I was running with 16 X QSAA, but that was at 4.

This card should be loafing in TF2, and that graph was pretty much what I was seeing in game.

You think this may be driver related, or am I pushing it to hard. The default core clock is 576. The temps are always around 70 on load.

mythy 07-24-08 01:23 AM

Re: Is this normal?
uhh why not try default clocks and see if it still occurs? :p

bacon12 07-24-08 02:33 AM

Re: Is this normal?
No still happening when the default clocks. Gonna try those leaked drivers. Maybe that vista memory hotfix I installed is the problem.

bacon12 07-24-08 06:54 PM

Re: Is this normal?

Heinz68 07-24-08 07:07 PM

Re: Is this normal?
Why not e-mai the question at the card manufacturer support site and let us know what the answer is.

bacon12 07-24-08 08:27 PM

Re: Is this normal?
I will do that, but don't expect anything that resembles an intelligent response. I imagine they will probably blame it on rivatuner.

bacon12 07-26-08 09:51 PM

Re: Is this normal?
So I have been testing and it seems only Source games are effected. :(

Here is from TF2


And Hl2


Finally COD4


This sucks but anyway, gonna put in a ticket with valve..

CaptNKILL 07-27-08 02:28 AM

Re: Is this normal?
I had some strange performance issues with Source games a couple years ago.

I fixed it by reinstalling steam.

You might want to try that. Just move your steamapps folder out of the steam folder, uninstall, then download and install the latest version of steam and move your steamapps folder back so you don't have to redownload all of your games.

Its worth a shot.

Deleting the game config files might help too (I think they're in the steamapps folder with each game).

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