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Alx 05-12-03 08:26 PM

RIVA TNT2, 1.0-4363 and Mandrake 9.1
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I feel that I am close..., but still I need some directions.
startx doesn't work.

videocard NVidia RIVA TNT2 Model 64
driver version - 1.0-4363
distribution - Mandrake 9.1
video BIOS revision -
processor - PII/233
motherboard - ASUS440BX P2B AGP

could not attach result of startx -- -logverbose 5, cause do not know where I should take it, sorry, just beginner in Linux.

Here is Xfre86.0.log attached.
Actually, you asked about few attachment, but I do not see how to attach the rest files?

Alx 05-12-03 08:31 PM

How to attach XF86Config-4 from Windows?
Could not attach XF86Config-4 from MS Windows. Wrong file type. ?!!

leibold 05-13-03 01:37 AM

There are a few minor warnings in your logfile, but nothing that would prevent X from starting. What exactly happens when you enter "startx" ?

I'm using exactly the same TNT2 M64 card with the 4363 drivers on a SuSE 8.2 system.

alien999999999 05-13-03 06:06 AM

Re: How to attach XF86Config-4 from Windows?

Originally posted by Alx
Could not attach XF86Config-4 from MS Windows. Wrong file type. ?!!
you should rename the file to a txt extension...

alien999999999 05-13-03 06:11 AM

are you sure it doesn't work??? the log seems absolutely fine?

what exactly is the problem. do you get strange lines or weird characters or does it just exit after flashing a few times without an error?

try ldconfig as root.
try looking in /var/log/messages for any clues
post the config file (change extension) (the forum allows only those extensions specified at the bottom (haven't you noticed it?))

Alx 05-13-03 08:42 AM

X Server waiting for shut down.
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When Linux started monitor switched from black to NVidia/blue and back 5-6 times and then I got message X Server waiting for shutdown. Startkde gives "unable to open display". In log file no any EE.

XF86Config-4 renamed to txt and attached.

Thank you guys!

alien999999999 05-13-03 09:08 AM

try this:

go to text console by pressing CTRL-ALT-F1;
log in as root
shut down display manager like this:
/etc/init.d/dm stop
then install nvidia
edit the config file
/etc/init.d/dm start

if you still have the same problem

you should look into /var/log/messages and see what it says.

else you can startx -- -logverbose 5 and see what it says...

try ldconfig as root

Alx 05-19-03 10:17 PM

Still the same...
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I tryed everything that you wrote.

What I find:
/etc/init.d/dm stop FAILED
actually, I have the same problem with the saslauthd.

ldconfig as a root gives
/usr/lib/libssl.so.. is not an ELF file. It has the wrong magic bytes at the start.
the same massages about libcrypto.so, libstdc and libgdbm.so

startx -- -logverbose 5 says
Using vt7
(II) [GLX] Initializing GLX extension
Waiting for XServer to shut down

I attached file messages, may be it will give you some ideas.
Still need directions.
Thank you.

alien999999999 05-21-03 07:02 AM

i think that something has gone very wrong there, I can tell you, man I've never seen so much errors in a row... I'd say, you'd very much benefit from reinstalling...

but first, check that your CDs are correct, there are MD5 checksums available to test your CDs...

or try reinstalling those packages. this is very weird! have you had a hardware crash some time ago or something?

it could be that your system has been compromised, but not very likely, maybe while installing that you had a power fluctuation or failure?

reinstalling all those packages can be helpful...

Alx 05-21-03 05:22 PM

Thanks for idea
Sounds like good idea. Gonna check iso files and reinstall MDK9.1
Thank you.

Alx 05-24-03 01:57 AM

I DID IT!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much!
Now I am happy! I did it. This letter I am writing using Linux!

Problem was not in a driver installation at alll. Problem was in my HDD.
Actually MDK9.1 working pretty good even without 4363 driver installation. For sure I am going to install driver.

Once again, thank you all guys for you responses and wishes to help!


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