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forevrnite 05-13-03 01:39 AM

Asus NForce2 A7N8X Deluxe
Woops I'm blind, right at the top of the forum was an A7N8X sticky post lol. Ok well I do still have one question then, anyone know if I can use the info in the link in that post to get either Suse or Debian working right? I would just do Redhat but they want me to pay 60 bucks to download it.

Can anyone tell me if I'm going to have driver problems trying to install Linux on a system with this motherboard? I saw NForce drivers at the Nvidia site but it looks like they might only be for NForce boards and not NForce2. I will be installing either Suse or Debian (latest version of either). What about problems with the onboard Nvidia LAN.....Realtek chip on the Asus boards.

leibold 05-13-03 01:50 AM

The short answer would be yes, but it's not really that bad.
The A7N8X deluxe has two network interfaces (3Com and nVidia, the Realtek chip is just the media interface). The 3Com is supported by SuSE 8.2 out of the box (in 8.1 a patched driver was required). For the nVidia NIC you need the nvnet binary-only driver from the nVidia website (those drivers are for nForce and nForce2 and work equally well in SuSE 8.1 and 8.2).

If you are using an nVidia video card also install the nVidia display drivers otherwise check the agpgart thread in this forum for a solution to getting 3D working with nForce2 chipsets. Just install the SuSE kernel-source package and apply the patch from nonolk to build a working agpgart module.

forevrnite 05-13-03 01:59 AM

Thanks, sounds like I'm going ahead with installing Suse for sure then since it's supported "out of the box" by the nvidia drivers. Yes I have an Nvidia graphics card as well, FX5800 Ultra. Do I still have to do the patch stuff to get the agpgart working if I'm using the Nvidia graphics drivers or was that just if I'm using a different video card? Thanks again

leibold 05-13-03 02:41 AM

No, you don't need to patch the kernel for agpgart. The nVidia graphics driver includes a kernel module that can either use agpgart (if present and working) or it's own builtin functions. By default it will try agpgart first (which will fail on the nforce2 chipset) and then successfully use it's own functions. If you want to avoid those warnings from agpgart you can set an option in XF86Config that will tell the nvidia driver to always use it's own functions (It's in the README).
It may still be a good idea to install the kernel-source package even so you could get away without it.
When you boot SuSE specify acpi=off on the boot command line (otherwise the 3Com NIC will not work properly).
I'm using both NICs and they seem to work equally well (most traffic goes through the nvnet interface).

forevrnite 05-13-03 05:10 AM

Thanks again, I guess I won't have to figure out how to set that acpi parameter since I have the 3Com NIC disabled anyway and am using the "Nvidia" one. Well, I just finished freeing up some unused space off my HD and merging it into one continuous unnallocated space with partition magic so I think I'm off to get Suse at least installed. I'll probably deal with the Nvidia driver stuff later after I sleep (3am here).

Well, that wasn't very encouraging, don't know if I have a bad iso/CD burn or what but booting off of my DVD-ROM didn't work, my CD-RW did but choosing install gave nothing but a black screen.

Buzzard 05-13-03 06:53 AM

I got a black screen when I tried to install Mandrake 9.1. I got around it by hitting F1 instead of Enter when it asked to install. I then had to type "linux mem=128M" and that got it going. (I have 1.5GB or RAM in my system.) Don't know if Suse has anything similar.

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