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--Rikki-- 05-13-03 05:09 AM


When i set up my pc it will not boot into X if the nvidia driver is defined. but if i boot up using nv, change the config file to nvidia and reboot X everything works fine..

this leads me to a problem in /etc/modules.conf ??? could someone please tell me exactly the line i need to add to this file to get the nvidia driver to load correctly??

have tried with alias char-195-major nvidia and alias /dev/nvidia* nvidia

neither of these options appear to work correctly. do i need both? or just one?

also do i need to put nvidia in /etc/modules

thanx for any help..


alien999999999 05-13-03 06:15 AM

what kind of problem are you getting, please post the log file and the config file.

it's most likely not the modules.conf file

how are you shutting down X before installing?

and what distro are you having...

--Rikki-- 05-13-03 07:56 AM

I can't post the log file at the moment, will do as soon as i can,

the log file doesnt show anything untoward anyway. allthough it is trying to use the TV out even though i have no active references to this in my config file and after X has been loaded properly once with nv, it uses the monitor using the exact same config file.

I have tried installing from a konsole in runlevel 5, stopping the display manager, switching to runlevel 3, and even in failsafe mode, none of these methods will make the driver work.

I'm running MDK 9.1 and i have a KT133 Mainboard.

the nvidia chip is a GeForce 3 ti 200

alien999999999 05-13-03 08:03 AM

nv uses the config file differently than nvidia, so I'd have to see the config file and log file to help you.

you should go to text mode with CTRL-ALT-F1 and log in as root

/etc/init.d/dm stop
do a 'ldconfig'
install nvidia
edit the config file
/etc/init.d/dm start

post the log and config file...

--Rikki-- 05-13-03 05:06 PM

1 Attachment(s)
heres XFree86.0.log

--Rikki-- 05-13-03 05:08 PM

1 Attachment(s)
heres XF86Config-4

i tried installing after running the ld config like you said but still with the same problem.

after changing XF86Config to tell it that the only connected display is a CRT it makes the nvidia monitor go white and the other one (vesa driver) goes black

alien999999999 05-14-03 07:43 AM

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try this one: connect the TV to the TV-OUT at the AGP device.
I configured it as clone, but of course you can configure that. just read the part of the README that handles TV-OUT. if you want to use rightof, you HAVE to adjust the resulting resolution: 2 times 800x600 results in 1600x600 as resulting resolution.
if you want a 3rd display, you can start from there and add another device and all that...

important is that everything that's connected through the nvidia device has to be handled in that section! the TV-out has to be handled there....
no xinerama needed for such a thing.

and last but not least only opengl supported in the first head.

good luck

--Rikki-- 05-14-03 09:49 AM

Will this correct my problem of X not loading properly??

As the TV option is not nessasary at the moment. i need to get X working correctly first.

If i set the config file driver line to nv it will load X then if i change it to nvidia and reboot the X server it will work fine. but when rebooting the machine i have to change the config file back to nv in order to get a display. i have even tried setting default runlevel to 3 and insmod nvidia then changing to runlevel 5 but this still will not give me a GUI just a white screen, i have to boot X using nv change it to nvidia and reboot X to use the nvidia drivers.

This gets rather tedious each time i boot up the machine.

however i will give this a stab to see if it corrects my problems

--Rikki-- 05-14-03 12:39 PM

Its still not having it when i boot X up, is there something that the nv driver loads which the nvidia driver doesnt load but is needed by it??

also do i need to specify in ld.so.conf ?? is /usr/X11R6/bin enough or is there more lib's that have nvidia stuff??

alien999999999 05-14-03 05:20 PM

you have mandrake 9.1 right?

you should do as I posted before: reinstall the driver the right way:

the problem is that the module isn't loaded at boot time.

you should go to text mode with CTRL-ALT-F1 and log in as root

/etc/init.d/dm stop
nvidia-installer --uninstall
sh NVIDIA.........run //install nvidia again
vi /etc/XF86Config-4 //change nv to nvidia press 'INS' to edit; 'ESC:wqENTER' to exit
/etc/init.d/dm start

execute these commands without anything in between!!!
if you do this, your problem WILL be solved for ever!

--Rikki-- 05-14-03 06:16 PM

Thank you it is working successfully now :)

I found out the problem wasnt with loading drivers though. it is because i had to set my PCI card (2nd graphics display) to the primary device in the BIOS so that it would work as a dual display in Win XP, because something to do with the card and XP it wont allow a dual display simultaneously. i just tried with the AGP set to default display and it loaded perfectly fine. I guess XP will just have to go shove as linux is more important. Just another reason to downgrade it to 98,

Allthough the TV out is not working successfully, but after looking through the log file this appears to be a limitation of the Geforce 3 Ti 200 that you cannot use CRT and TV out at the same time.

thanx for your time and paitence even though the problem was at my end all the time.

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