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ALobpreis 08-04-08 03:59 PM

Missing thread
I've been searching for a post of mine for long minutes to no avail... Then googled it and quickly found it! But the thread was deleted! I can see it only thanks to Google's cache.
Any clue why??

Deleted thread:

Cached thread:

If for some reason the cache doesn't work, simply google "nvnews.net failblog.org" (without the quotes, of course).

CaptNKILL 08-04-08 04:04 PM

Re: Missing thread
The person who started the thread was a spammer. When all of his posts were deleted that one went too.

His link that had "funny fail pictures" was just 2 random images with hotlinks to an advertiser's website. All of his other posts had links that lead to sites that looked respectable but all were covered with hot links to the same website.

crainger 08-07-08 03:04 AM

Re: Missing thread
Excellent clarification skills there CaptN. You have been promoted to CaptNGrandpaF**ingSpaceshuttle

Q 08-07-08 03:38 PM

Re: Missing thread

Originally Posted by crainger (Post 1736866)

Yeah, CaptNGrandpaF**ingSpaceshuttle of the U.S.S. FAILerprise.

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