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Lord Blackdrago 05-13-03 05:06 PM

where is /proc/driver/nvidia
as the subject said. I was tring to find out what options was enable on my nvidia card but when i moved over to /proc/driver/
no nvidia folder was in there :confused:

can any point to where i can find nvidia folder in mandy 9.1 so i can see if SBA and FW is enable?

DrOzz 05-13-03 05:15 PM

well d00d, i am not much of an expert, but firstly i think you have to be using the driver for that folder to be there, and i also thing after the driver directory you have to go to the agp directory, and then nvidia...don't take my word for this and i am sure someone will post if i am wrong to correct what i told you..

Lord Blackdrago 05-13-03 07:24 PM

I install them to the default directory, when i was working under mandy 8.2 they was there and i installed them the same way. there isn't a agp directory under driver. and it's /proc/driver/nvidia/agp.

slackr 05-13-03 08:27 PM

You have to have the kernel module loaded...
check "lsmod" and see if there is a "nvidia" module loaded. if not do a "insmod nvidia" then go to /proc/driver and you should see nvidia.

Lord Blackdrago 05-13-03 10:11 PM

thank you slackr???? did you name yourself slackr because of the distro you use? or because you are a slacker? ( no pun intened )

slackr 05-14-03 10:58 AM

Yup, the name slackr is orignated from my work ethic.... to get the most out of the least..... amount of work that is... :)

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