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nekrosoft13 08-08-08 08:20 AM

iSCSI anyone use it?
does anyone use iSCSI? how do you have it set up?

Runningman 08-08-08 02:03 PM

Re: iSCSI anyone use it?
We use it at work but we I don't get to play around with it. Why do you ask? are you planning some sort of cluster or san setup?

nekrosoft13 08-08-08 03:36 PM

Re: iSCSI anyone use it?
just curious, wanted to play around with it

Runningman 08-10-08 05:11 PM

Re: iSCSI anyone use it?
Do you have access to SCSI equipment and some San software?

yuriz43 09-04-08 02:47 PM

Re: iSCSI anyone use it?
We use this at work as well. What kind of production environment is this for? Is the SAN server and iSCSI client on a Gigabit switch? If not, I would suggest you just setup a NAS, since there wont be any performance benefits if your boxes have 100mbit connections. You will also be able to access the share from multiple clients without setting up a clustering file system.

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