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pelo 05-14-03 04:54 AM

Install crash
when i try ti install the lastest driver (i run sh NVIDIA....run)
after some time, the installer said:
error: Failed to execute './usr/src/nv/makedevice.sh'
./usr/src/nv/makedevice.sh: which: command not found
touch: invalid option --q
Try 'touch --help' for more information
makedevice.sh: fatal error,mktemp failed

what's happen ?:cry:

bwkaz 05-14-03 08:13 AM

Well, nVidia assumes that every distro in existence has two utilities available for use, which and mktemp. The first looks through your PATH for an executable (so, for example, which top would print /usr/bin/top), and mktemp creates a temporary file with a (hopefully...) unique name, then prints the name of the file.

Anyway, you're probably running LFS or something similar (I had this issue with LFS); you can just install the which and mktemp packages for whatever distro you are running. If you are using LFS, look on Freshmeat for them.

pelo 05-14-03 09:48 AM

Thanx to you
I am on LFS :) now all work thank you :)

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