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remiks 05-14-03 07:21 AM

need help
I'm new in this thing, so please don't judge me if my problem is something simple.
I've installed the latest driver for a TNT2 model 64, with an Athlon XP 2000+ CPU and an AMD 761 chipset.
I did everything told in the readme file fot getting my system running again, and it seemed everything was alright, except for the fact that I can't read my HOWTO's from Konqueror. Seems like the browser is unable to open and execute the HTML code of this pages, and I checked for the files and they are still where they should be. Everything else is just fine.
Any ideas? (I'll try to send my config files later... in this very moment I'm unable to do it).

DrOzz 05-14-03 07:56 PM

umm ok i don't quite get what your asking for, you say you read the readme and you installed the drivers fine, so if you already read that, then what is the HOWTO for?

remiks 05-15-03 03:42 PM

maybe i didn't explain myself well...
My problem is that I can't use Konqueror as a browser anymore... it just can't read HTML. It works fine as a file manager, but if I try to navigate to somewhere, (like this page), it gets stuck. I can't say this causes a crash in the system, because i can recover just trying to close Konqueror (and it closes... after a few minutes), but it is something uncommon, I think...
Any ideas?

DrOzz 05-16-03 12:50 AM

all i can say is that for the time being until you wait for someone to reply or come up with a fix, you may as well use mozilla or sumthing.....personally i like konqueror better, but thats all i can suggest

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