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tiugu 08-16-08 01:59 AM

9500GT latest driver problem

I have Geforce 9500GT graphics card. If i tried to install latest drivers, then after rebooting with flag -r on booting Solaris gives some errors for 1 second and PC restarts itself. Is 9500GT supported with latest nvidia drivers in solaris 10?

Best Regards
Margus Kiting

clee 08-17-08 03:52 PM

Re: 9500GT latest driver problem
Officially, no, none of the GeForce cards are supported in Solaris.

What version of the driver were you using? You said the "latest" but you didn't supply a version number.

tiugu 08-18-08 12:39 AM

Re: 9500GT latest driver problem

Thanks for fast reply. I used Latest driver that was available by selecting my 9500 GT card. Drivers version which i tried is Version: 173.14.12. As i understand nvidia supports officially only most Quadro cards.

Best Regards
Margus Kiting

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