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Intel17 08-20-08 12:24 PM

Since these two games were sequels to the two fundamental games in the FPS genre, I'm wondering which sequel you thought was a better game?

Let the votes begin!

ViN86 08-20-08 12:38 PM

Re: RTCW or DOOM 3?
RTCW. hell, ppl still play it online.

i loved OSP and Banimod. two awesome mods.

ive wasted probably over 1000 hrs of my life playing rtcw LOL :D

Intel17 08-20-08 01:21 PM

Re: RTCW or DOOM 3?
I thought RTCW's single player was a lot more varied than DOOM 3's. The multiplayer was vastly better than DOOM's as well. I loved them both, but I think RTCW is better :)

Quick420 08-20-08 01:33 PM

Re: RTCW or DOOM 3?
RtCW all the way,singleplayer was a lot of fun.Multiplayer got me into competetion playing;)

bob saget 08-20-08 02:35 PM

Re: RTCW or DOOM 3?
quake3? :bleh:

NarcissistZero 08-20-08 03:15 PM

Re: RTCW or DOOM 3?
I guess RTCW... I'm one of the few who loved Doom 3, but I loved RTCW more.

LT.Schaffer 08-20-08 04:40 PM

Re: RTCW or DOOM 3?
+1 DOOM 3:)

DiscipleDOC 08-20-08 04:59 PM

Re: RTCW or DOOM 3?

Originally Posted by bob saget (Post 1751384)
quake3? :bleh:


I still play this game quite often...

Intel17 08-21-08 01:09 AM

Re: RTCW or DOOM 3?
So I just played through RTCW on "I'm Death Incarnate", and man was it a blast. Oh, and it looks so freaking awesome with 16xQ AA and 16xAF!

I hope Raven doesn't screw it up like they did Quake 4. Please, let them not screw it up! And I'm somewhat dubious of the usage of the DOOM 3 engine -- RTCW 2 should definitely be on something like UE3 or Id Tech 5. Ah, well.

nutcrackr 08-21-08 03:46 AM

Re: RTCW or DOOM 3?
doom 3 single player was more fun for me, but rtcw is good too :)

lightman 08-21-08 04:06 AM

Re: RTCW or DOOM 3?
RtCW all the way. Doom 3 was good, but it was a continuous repeating of the same "narrow, dark (or should I say not a single ****ing photon in it) corridor, run, shoot, run some more, shoot". Nice, but after 30 minutes it was already boring.

SH64 08-21-08 07:38 AM

Re: RTCW or DOOM 3?

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